The Mindset Pendulum – Post 418

On today’s podcast I want to talk about the “Mindset Pendulum.” What goes on inside your brain as you embark on the financial peace and prosperity journey. Once you have an understanding of what’s going on in the 6 inches between your ears then you have a better chance of recognizing how your thoughts affect your success and you will be better equipped with ways to change what Zig Zigglar refers to as “Stinkin’ Thinkin’.” You will be able to stop the stinking thinking and get yourself back on track.

In your brain there is this pendulum swinging back and forth. When you start this journey you have attitudes, opinions and beliefs. All of us. We have opinions about everything. We have opinions about things we don’t need to have opinions on. We have attitudes which are stronger. Strong feeling about things. And we have beliefs.

We are made up of opinions, attitudes, and beliefs.

When you start this journey you usually have a neutral or negative opinion. What happens, in our mind, we get a little bit of information. Maybe we go to a financial peace university class or we see a video podcast or webinar by Dave Ramsey or one of his associates and our opinion changes to somewhat positive. And when that opinion changes from neutral or negative to positive then we say, “What’s the worst thing that can happen? What’s my risk, what’s my reward? I’m doing this.”

That’s what happens. Then we go into the world and somebody says, “You can’t live without credit, you’ll never buy a home or a car” . . . Then what happens to that opinion?

It goes back to negative. Then we hear callers give the “Debt Free Scream” and are all fired up and our pendulum swings back to excitement.

Then you get on facebook and you see all the posts from your so called friends about their exotic vacations and the luxury car or boat that they bought while you are on a “beans and rice” diet getting out of debt and your pendulum swings back to the negitive.

This thing swings daily in the beginning. Your pendulum is going to swing. It’s normal.

Sometime we think we’re going crazy because we’re up and down about it. Because we are all made up of opinions, attitudes and beliefs. If you just hang in there eventually your opinion will become an attitude. And it’s stronger. Then over time the attitude becomes a belief.

That is in anything we do in life. Not just on the financial peace journey but in business as well. We get involved in whatever we make a commitment to and think we don’t like this swinging back and forth in our mind so we think something is wrong. Sometimes they’re excited and sometimes we want to puke. Its just the way people are and most people can’t get through this because they don’t understand what is really going on in their mind..

Listen to my podcasts or watch my video blogs. Catch Dave Ramsey or one of his team members on the radio or over the internet. Stay plugged into folks that are on the same journey as you and folks that have gone there before. It will calm your pendulum down.

We all go through it.

So you have to understand your pendulum will swing. But if you continue and stay on the right track, it will get to a point where it just doesn’t swing as bad, and eventually just doesn’t swing any more. Stay plugged in and when you get to a point, it just doesn’t matter any more.

You’ve got this!

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