Define Your Dream and have a Burning Desire to Achieve It – Post 420

“Do you want to fail or do you want to succeed?”

Until You Know Why, the How Doesn’t Matter. Define Your Dream and have a Burning Desire to Achieve It!

That’s the first step. That’s always been the first step. It is still the first step.

Until you know why you’re on the Financial Peace journey, or building a business, or really anything else you want to accomplish in life, until you know why, the how doesn’t matter. You have to take the time to ask, “OK, what do I want to accomplish from this journey?” You have to decide.

You aren’t going to make it. If you don’t know why the how doesn’t matter.

At the end of 2011, 3 weeks before Christmas I lost my pharmacy position. Long story short, they were replacing those of us that had been there quite a while with new grads that they were paying 20 grand less than I made before. After a year of ny finding temporary or part time work I decided to get involved in my first side gig business outside of pharmacy. I had three goals that compelled me. Number one, I wanted to save my home, the dream home that I built with my own blood sweat and tears, I wanted to save it from being sold or foreclosed on while I was underemployed. Number two, my Malibu was on its last leg and I needed a new car. Number three, I needed to finish paying for my youngest son’s private school tuition. That’s why I got started in this business. Now my goals of course have changed since then because I was able to accomplished all three of those with the help of this business. But those were the first goals.

In my consulting and personal development business I teach people that when they first get in business to focus on the real reasons they want their business to succeed. Likewise, my good friend and business mentor, Dale Calvert asked me to go and sit down with my spouse and come up with 20 really good reasons I wanted success in my business and then out of those 20 he asked that we decide on our top 3 reasons then focus on those. He said you have to decide, “OK, what do we really want to accomplish from this business?”

Until you have that and it is inside of you, you will not make it. You will fail. Those principles apply to anything you want to accomplish in life. In this episode I apply these principles to the financial peace journey and show you how to define those dreams and then ignite that burning desire to accomplish them.



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How to get over your fear of economic insecurity. – Post 224

How to get over your fear of economic insecurity.

For many of us, our fear of being broke has kept us from truly following our passion. We don’t want to end up on the street, so we continue to work the assembly line, day in and day out, because it brings home a pay check and puts food on the table. This doesn’t sound like anybody’s dream job. Most of us want financial freedom and to run our own business, but how are we going to run our own business if we’re scared of failing, even worse, of losing everything?

The fear of economic insecurity is one that has kept many of us from chasing our dreams; especially if that dream is to run your own business. So, how will you ever rid yourself of this fear? Mastin Kipp, an entrepreneur and writer, had some great suggestions on how we can rid ourselves of our fear of economic insecurity, and take steps towards following our dreams.

First, he asks, how much risk can you comfortably live with? When starting your Youngevity business, many of you still continue to work your full-time job because you feel the risk is too high; maybe you have a family that depends on you, or other obligations that you need to weigh in. Others jump both feet in, knowing that the risk is great, but the payoff will be greater. You decide what you’re comfortable with and then go for it!

Additionally, Mastin Kipp asks you to remember when you were down the most and hit rock bottom; did you make it through and what fears did you have at that point? He also asks us to consider the consequences of not living your dream. What will your future be like and will you be happy? The thought of living a future where we are not happy and not doing what we love can be enough to get most of us going. After all, we all want to live a happy, debt-free life.

Therefore, what actions can you take to start getting over your fear of going broke? Some suggestions made by Mastin were to make a list of what you’re most scared of. Then, create an action plan to prevent failure and also backup plan of what you will do to get out of being broke in the case that you do fail.

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you follow your dreams?

Don’t let your fear of being broke stop you from working your own business and taking control of your future! Know that you will succeed when you follow the steps I follow working my home business. A simple system to give yourself financial freedom.

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Student Loan Crisis – Post 185

I’m just curious, would it surprise you to realize that there are a lot of people that want you to spend a lifetime in financial bondage?

That’s right they want you to be a slave.

They want you paying them forever.

There are a lot of bubbles that have happened in my lifetime. The Y2K bubble; the technology bubble; the wall street bubble, the housing crisis bubble, Where things just got out of control and then they would crash.

The next big bubble that I think is gonna bust is the education bubble.

Don’t get me wrong, I think education is a good thing. I support knowledge and learning. I am constantly improving my skills through education. But I’ll tell you our university system is completely out of control and setting up kids to have a lifetime of debt.

I just found out that more than thirty eight million Americans have student loans right now totaling over a trillion dollars. At the end of June they were paying about three point four percent on those loans. On July first, they went up to six point eight percent, they doubled, six point eight percent.

So here’s what’s happened okay over the course of the last ten or so years.

Since two thousand and three, from two thousand three to two thousand and thirteen student loan debt has quadrupled.

In the last 10 years, quadruple.

The average price of a year in college in nineteen eighty was eight thousand seven hundred fifty six dollars for a four year college degree.

Today it is twenty one thousand six hundred fifty seven dollars per year.

That means to the students going to go to a four year college are going to have about a hundred thousand dollars in student loans that they’re going to have to now go pay back

and do you think it’s easy for a college graduate to go get a job in today’s market place?

Think again, it’s tough for a college graduate, a recent college graduate to go get a job, . . .

to get a job let alone to get a job that’s going to pay them decent enough income to have a living and to pay to get out of that student debt in any kind of foreseeable future.

I know people in their thirties and forties that still have student loans that they’re still dealing with.

Now the cost of education, the cost of a university education, has gone up over three times the rate of the consumer price index. In other words, when looking at the cost of living, it’s gone up over three times the cost of living. It’s gone up by almost six hundred percent since nineteen eighty while the consumer price index has gone up about a hundred and fifty percent.

Think about that, shouldn’t education kind of match everything else that’s going on in the world.

For the most part it’s a racket, it’s a system designed to keep you in debt to learn about jobs that, guess what, most of them are gonna be obsolete.

You don’t think that advances and every form of technology in every single field is not going to change the educational outlook that’s going on in the world. It certainly has in my field, in pharmacy.

Now don’t get me wrong I told you I’m a huge fan of education. I’m just not a huge fan of financial bondage for people.

The number of student borrowers has increased sixty six percent from two thousand five to two thousand twelve. The average student loan balances increased forty nine percent from two thousand and five to two thousand and twelve. Student loans now surpasses, when it comes total debt by borrowers, Student loan debt now surpass credit card or auto debt. It’s just an absolute epidemic.

Now, you want to go to college fantastic, wonderful, here’s my advice for somebody that wants to go to college

Learn a specific skill. All these generic programs, these generic college experiences, don’t really prepare you to do what you need to do. Learn a specific skill, learn it well.

Why not take charge of your own future?

Why not, while you’re going to school, take ten hours a week and apply it to a business that will pay for your school.

What if you could just make a thousand or two thousand dollars a month, part-time in a business that you’re passionate about and use all of that money to pay for your education?

What a different situation you would be in to leave your educational experience, debt-free and have a cash flow business in addition to your diploma. Wouldn’t that be better?

All the credit card companies and the banks, the government, it seems like everybody in the world wants you to stay in debt, in bondage to them.

I don’t want you to live that way.

I want you to be free; to have choices; to have options; to not spend twenty to thirty years working, to pay for a piece of paper. You will actually more than likely pay for that piece of paper two or three times over by the time they get all the interest charges and fees that have been stacked up against you. Then you can use your education to do whatever you want to do in the world, but you’re not gonna be a slave.

Would it be ok if I showed you a better way? A way that will create a future, what I love almost about what I’m seeing right now in this business, it’s the young people in this business, they are rising up and they’re saying to heck with the old model; to heck with this economy, to heck with people being in charge of my life. I’m going to use this business to own my future, to be debt free, to be totally in charge.

Would it be ok if I tell you about a friend of mine? He was in his first year of graduate school when he and his wife discovered she was pregnant with triplets. He didn’t know what he was going to do. He was going to need three of everything. He wouldn’t be able to provide for all of those expenses and continue to go to school. He really didn’t know what he would do. Then his father introduced him to a business that he could do part time. Around his school schedule. Something that was flexible and that he controlled. He saw the value and the possibilities and he jumped right in. By the time he graduated from school he not only had all of his student loan debt paid off he actually had a residual income built up that allowed him to make choices about his future. Because his business was doing so well he never even pursued a career with the degree he earned.

Would it be ok if I shared some more information with you? Some information that will show you how to be free; to have choices; to have options; to not spend twenty to thirty years working, to pay for a piece of paper. How to use your education to do whatever you want to do in life, without being a slave to your student loan debt.

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