Getting Your Business Organized – Post 334

Just wanted to share with you an article on getting organized that Mark Januszewski recently posted on his blog World’s Laziest Networker

Competence Inspires Trust and Increases MLM Enrollements


Knowing why people join is a huge part of working smarter, not harder.
As a matter of fact, knowing why they do join you, what actually happens, being aware of it and leveraging that information is the critical difference that makes or breaks most people.
Let’s break this down a bit.
People DO NOT join because of:
  1. The plan
  2. The product
  3. The company
  4. The training
  5. The tax benefits
  6. The team
  7. The market share
  8. The stability
  9. The _______
They join for the hope of a different outcome.
Big dream, little dream, big goal, little goal….it’s all the same.  It is the hope of a different outcome.
This is a risk for adults.  Adults, like you DO NOT want to:
  1. Fail
  2. Be embarrased
  3. Be critisized
  4. Feel foolish
  5. Have their dream shattered, again
In the end, they enroll, with you, because they trust…they trust you.
While trust needs to be earned, Covey’s brilliant book, [way better than “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”], “The Speed of Trust” shows us how to accelerate the speed that people will give their trust.
See, once they can imagine a different outcome, they only reason they join or do not join is trust.  They know they don’t know “how” to do it, they don’t really know that much about the company, plan, product of company…may only know you, not the 10,000 – 100,000 reps….so they are “trusting” you to show them how.
If they trust you, they will join.   If they don’t, they won’t.
Now you can listen to the moronic guru babel out there about “fear of loss” selling…or NLP language …and keep working harder and harder and harder..constantly trying to overcome objections, thinking of ways to pressure or manipulate people and use fear to try and scare them into the business….or you can look into your ethics and at your common sense and work smarter, have more fun and feel better about how you do what you do.
How do we do that latter?
Again, people join AND build because they trust you.
In Covey’s book on trust, which we made a staple on our teams, he points out that competency dramatically accelerates the speed of trust.
It’s true.  And, it works.
So with kids, jobs, dogs, chores …life…it can be really hard to stay organized, be prepared, be on time and be, well, competent.


The opposite, of course, is incompetence…and always looking for stuff, feeling overwhelmed and, well, cranky.

Competency is massive…especially since the prospect is dealing with all the chaos that you are too.

And I struggled, big time, losing scraps of paper I’d made notes on….not being able to find notes I had made about a prospect and then, overnight it changed.  Enrollment rates not only skyrocketed but so did production.   Teammates and others wondered how I could not only keep it all straight, they were stunned at how easily and smoothly my business was running….how “competent” I was.   And, as the trust teammates had grew, they were far more receptive to learning the skills and following them.

So, I showed ‘em how I did it.

They copied it…


mark januszewski

Want to be a winner – Post 276

We hear all the time to set goals and then you will have success. In fact the “goal setting” gurus always like to quote a Harvard study that showed that people that set goals had a much higher success rate than those that did not. The fact is, the study never took place.

Think about it. Every “New Year” we set all kinds of goals and how many do we keep?

Almost none of them.

Success actually comes from having a very specific purpose in life. Something that is so big and so specific that we will stop at nothing until we achieved it. That happened to me way back when I decided to go back to college after many years in the work world. To completely abandon everything that I was or had been doing. I had only one purpose in my life at that time and it was to graduate with that degree and become a pharmacist so I could provide for my family.

So success is all in the mindset. Quincy Jones once said “If somebody can discourage you from your dream, then you should be.”

The strange thing is I have had a much more difficult time finding that focus now. So many life obstacles have happened in recent years that getting in the right “mindset” is much more difficult. Mark Januszewski said if you “Want to be a w-inner?  We’ve got to work on the Inner….we do that, the “w” shows up.” Here is a great video from Mark J #worldslaziestnetworker on becoming a winner.

As the late Jim Rohn always said, “REMEMBER THE SAME WIND BLOWS ON ALL OF US ITS THE SET OF YOUR SAIL THAT DECIDES YOUR COURSE!!” Set your sail for success in network marketing today by learning the skills for success. If you would like some personal help on this and any other aspects of network marketing then subscribe to my blog and be sure to check out some of my past posts. Also if you find value in my posts please share them with your team.

Keith Abell, RPh

PS: Like I mentioned I have been having difficulties myself lately with keeping the right mindset. I am about to embark on a 6 month Master Key Master Mind Alliance #mkmma training program. Be sure to subscribe to this blog. I will post my thoughts and feelings as I go along. Hopefully my journey can help you as well.

The Big Lie in Network Marketing – Post-227

The Biggest Lie In Networking Marketing

Want to save alot of money and time in porspecting; In todays post I am going to show you how to do just that.

If our basic assumptions are wrong, it simply does not matter how sound our reasoning is or how precise our planning is.

We are going to fail.

In my Abstract Algebra class we had an exercise where by the number 1 = the number 2 and maintained their individual values.  The prof would the put an example like this on the board.
If 1=2 prove 1.237.984 = 47

It’s really pretty simple to prove that without violating any laws of mathematics.

It does not matter what the 2 numbers are, they can even be fractions. The fact is 1 DOES NOT equal 2.

What is the point?

Examine basic assumptions before you succeed [or listen to a pitch ~ LOL]

The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing, if you fall for it, will let the pitch-person prove why you need additional programs to succeed.  And, like the math exercise, they won’t violate any other truths.

The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing is “You just have to find the right people” and boy do they have the next best system to help you find the right person.

The right people are every where.  Want proof?

Do you know anyone who would not want more money?

Everybody, right?

Do you know anyone who would like to pay less taxes?

Again, everybody.  Yes?

Do you know anyone who would like more time with the people they love?

Silly question.

Do you know anyone that would like to be healthier?

Of course.

So if everyone wants more money, more time, less taxes and to be heathier then the right people are everywhere.

It really depends on what we say in the first 8-15 seconds that makes us successful or unsuccessful in network marketing.

Not convinced?

Try this experiment.

Go to a local grocery store with a friend in 2 cars and get 2 bags of groceries each.  Bring them out in carts.  Wait for a stranger to come by and tell him, “I hurt my back, could you put these in the trunk for me?”

He obliges and you pull out a $100 bill and try to give it to him.  What would he say?

“Oh, that’s OK” or “That is way too much, give it to charity” or “Great, any other chores you want me to do?”

The point is, easy.  Right?

Now he goes by your friend who says the same thing, “I hurt my back, could you put these in the trunk for me?”  He obliges and your friend pulls out a gun, grabs him by the throat and says, “Give me all your money or I’ll blow your brains out!”  Do you think you’d get a completely different reaction?

Look closer.  Same stranger,…completely different reaction.

Network marketing is pretty hard when you don’t know what to say in the first few seconds and buying magic systems and leads is an easy sell if you buy the biggest lie, “you just have to find the right people”
Once we do buy the lie we are pretty easy targets for more magic systems, lead generators etc, but here is when it gets really ugly.  Since we are still saying the same thing, nothing changes except the balance on our credit cards.

Always examine basic assumptions before moving forward.

The right people are everywhere.

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