Week 3 – Busy Busy Busy – Post 281

This week I have found it very difficult to stay on course. It seems as though everything is trying to block me from having success. I have had to fight “Murphy” every day this week. The chore card has been very helpful and I know what is going on it next week. I have always found it difficult to schedule my time but after watching Mark J’s “OATS” video multiple times I decided that scheduling my time  will be my goal for week 4 I especially like the idea of scheduling personal time first.

Deleting “will” from scroll one is a very interesting. It really brings the ideas to the first person present perspective instead of “some day” in the future. I found myself trying to eliminate “will” from my vocabulary anywhere possible.

Making a “movie trailer” of my DMP is even more difficult than coming up with the DMP in the first place but I can see where it will be useful especially if I meditate on the “movie trailer” version. Incorporating all the senses into the movie trailer will make it more real and plant the ideas deeper into the subbie..