Getting Your Business Organized – Post 334

Just wanted to share with you an article on getting organized that Mark Januszewski recently posted on his blog World’s Laziest Networker

Competence Inspires Trust and Increases MLM Enrollements


Knowing why people join is a huge part of working smarter, not harder.
As a matter of fact, knowing why they do join you, what actually happens, being aware of it and leveraging that information is the critical difference that makes or breaks most people.
Let’s break this down a bit.
People DO NOT join because of:
  1. The plan
  2. The product
  3. The company
  4. The training
  5. The tax benefits
  6. The team
  7. The market share
  8. The stability
  9. The _______
They join for the hope of a different outcome.
Big dream, little dream, big goal, little goal….it’s all the same.  It is the hope of a different outcome.
This is a risk for adults.  Adults, like you DO NOT want to:
  1. Fail
  2. Be embarrased
  3. Be critisized
  4. Feel foolish
  5. Have their dream shattered, again
In the end, they enroll, with you, because they trust…they trust you.
While trust needs to be earned, Covey’s brilliant book, [way better than “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”], “The Speed of Trust” shows us how to accelerate the speed that people will give their trust.
See, once they can imagine a different outcome, they only reason they join or do not join is trust.  They know they don’t know “how” to do it, they don’t really know that much about the company, plan, product of company…may only know you, not the 10,000 – 100,000 reps….so they are “trusting” you to show them how.
If they trust you, they will join.   If they don’t, they won’t.
Now you can listen to the moronic guru babel out there about “fear of loss” selling…or NLP language …and keep working harder and harder and harder..constantly trying to overcome objections, thinking of ways to pressure or manipulate people and use fear to try and scare them into the business….or you can look into your ethics and at your common sense and work smarter, have more fun and feel better about how you do what you do.
How do we do that latter?
Again, people join AND build because they trust you.
In Covey’s book on trust, which we made a staple on our teams, he points out that competency dramatically accelerates the speed of trust.
It’s true.  And, it works.
So with kids, jobs, dogs, chores …life…it can be really hard to stay organized, be prepared, be on time and be, well, competent.


The opposite, of course, is incompetence…and always looking for stuff, feeling overwhelmed and, well, cranky.

Competency is massive…especially since the prospect is dealing with all the chaos that you are too.

And I struggled, big time, losing scraps of paper I’d made notes on….not being able to find notes I had made about a prospect and then, overnight it changed.  Enrollment rates not only skyrocketed but so did production.   Teammates and others wondered how I could not only keep it all straight, they were stunned at how easily and smoothly my business was running….how “competent” I was.   And, as the trust teammates had grew, they were far more receptive to learning the skills and following them.

So, I showed ‘em how I did it.

They copied it…


mark januszewski