Pump Up the Volume – It’s How You Get Paid – Post 208

I remember getting a call from a friend inviting me to come over to his house to hear about a gifting program. He said I should bring $100 in cash.

I declined.

A few weeks later he informed me that he had received several thousand dollars from the gifting program and I should jump in.

I declined again.

Six months later, he was singing a different story… It turns out the authorities busted up the ring and he had many family members and friends who lost their money. Of course they blamed him, and he said it was the worst mistake he had ever made.

In money games and pyramids, people always get hurt. In legitimate network marketing opportunities, no one ever has to get hurt. So what is the difference?

In legitimate Network Marketing, we don’t assess training costs or headhunter fees. We get paid only on the volume produced by products or services delivered to the end consumers. That means your bonus check is directly tied to the volume of your organization.

Now, like everything else we’re talking about, you can’t control the volume of your network. But once again, the standard you set in the first circle will directly impact what happens to the rest of them.

You’re able to do this three ways:

  1. The products or services you and your family consume.
  2. The products or services you give away as samples.
  3. The customer base you develop.

Watch this video to look at each of these in more detail.

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The Biggest Scam in the U.S. – Post 034

The Biggest Scam in the U.S. 
I love this!
I was just on my Facebook wall and read something from my friend Tony had posted.  
This is SOOOOO TRUE!  And you are going to LOVE this, especially when ignorant idiots try to make fun of you for being an entrepreneur.  
He wrote: 
“The biggest scam in the U.S. is not a home business. The biggest scam is a college degree and the belief that getting a degree will necessarily get you a good-paying job. Today, U.S. student loans now exceed U.S. credit card debt. Over $800 Billion dollars owed.”
Now…don’t get my wrong.  I’m not saying college isn’t cool.  I loved college.  Hope my two boys go.  But…think about that.  People talk about home businesses being scams, but the REAL scam is teaching people how to go build equity in somebody else’s company, rather than do their own thing. 

College teaches us to do what?  College teaches you how to go get a JOB.  College teaches you how to go earn a WAGE and work for someone else.  

Yes…other than our Social Security system, which I will NOT get into today, one of the biggest scams being perpetuated onto the public is the idea that if you go to college, invest tens of thousands of dollars, you can actually get a good paying job and live your dream.  
Kinda thought that was interesting.  Don’t you think?  Think I’ll stick to being an entrepreneur…how bout you?