Did you know that stress can be bad— and good? – Post 013

There has been an incredible amount of research done over the last 100 years about stress. Hans Selye was one of the founding fathers of stress research. His view in 1956 was, “Stress is truthfully a fact of life for everyone. The difference is not whether you have stress. What really matters is how you manage the stress in your life.”


Selye believed that people experienced the biochemical effects of stress—regardless of whether the situation was positive or negative.

We now know that stress can be good and stress can be bad. Generally speaking, it is the bad stress that tends to cause more problems because it is the bad stress that is difficult to manage effectively.

This is why it is so important to find ways to reduce or manage the stress you have. Remember that stress—particularly chronic stress—makes the body secrete more cortisol, which in turn makes the body hold on to fat. Yes, it’s true—stress can actually make us fat!

So, what are you doing to manage your stress? Think of the most stressful time of your week. Now come up with three ways you can manage it. For example, traffic always used to stress me out. Now I tell myself it’s “my time.” I bought my favorite book on CD and I listen to it while I’m in traffic jams!

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