29 Places To Find Leads – Post 203

In today’s message I want to share with you 29 different sources for finding leads. Most of the methods discussed in this video won’t cost you anything. The remainder will only cost you whatever you have to pay for the cards, buttons, signs etc. These are one time charges and have minimal cost involved as well.

29 Places To Find Leads

  1. Networking Events
  2. Craig’s List
  3. Facebook Friends
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Cork Boards
  6. Warm Market
  7. Warm Market Referrals
  8. Google Search – your city Professionals
  9. Google Search – your city Realtors
  10. Google Search – your city Financial Planners
  11. Meetup.com
  12. LinkedIn
  13. Twitter
  14. YouTube
  15. Church Events
  16. Toll Both Marketing
  17. Drop Cards
  18. Realtor Signs
  19. Realtor Books
  20. Bandit Signs
  21. Clothing Advertising
  22. Car Window / Magnet Signs
  23. Junk Mail
  24. Charity Events
  25. Trade Show Booth Renters
  26. Dr. Offices
  27. Car Lots
  28. Restaurant Owners
  29. Parent Sporting Events

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